Fifi's modelling career started in London at the age of 18 where she then began her journey that would give her the tips and experience that would last a life time.

12 years later Fifi was still modelling as she watched models come and go Fifi decided to learn new skills and fully soak up the modelling industry which included make up, styling and co directing on shoots not only would she help these models with their portfolio and move forward in the industry she would also give them tips on their attitude towards the modelling world.

Fifi then gave up modelling and moved to Perth in 2010 where she fell in love with photography and felt it was a natural progression in her career after doing several portfolio updates for models and girls just wanting nice pictures she realised that the stunning girls of Perth could really benefit from a full day training to becoming better models and feeling amazing in their own skin.

So if you’re looking to break into the modelling world or just looking for a confidence boost then Fifi’s Model academy is the place to come.